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Monday, 30 March 2015

Paranoiser Radio - Frenic Interview

For Sam Fergusson aka FRENIC

Interview on www.paranoiseradio.com / March 2015

1. How did You get Involved in Music production professionally; IT Was Some Sort of A Dream Or did IT Just Happen;

I'm a dreamer. I love to dream. I always dreamt I would be in the NBA one day but that has not happened yet! I also liked to dream that I could have a life where I make and play music, that has come true. I changed my life when I started following my passions, regardless of whether I could do it professionally. So, in that respect it did just happen.

2. You've just finished with the production of your new album. Is it due for release anytime soon? Why did you choose the title "Monomyth: Separation"? Does it mean something special to you?

Yes it does mean something special. The album started during my tour of Greece last year. I started digging for records while we traveled around the country. I decided I would make a project inspired by the trip, as I had so much great feedback from fans and met so many great people. I was trying to think of a concept that would bind it together. As I WAS in Greece ideas of mythical Journeys Came to mind. So WHEN I Returned Home I researched A FEW Things and stumbled Across A Theory by A philosopher and Writer Called Joseph Campbell. Basically he Wrote A Book Called "The Hero With A Thousand Faces "Which he describes in A Theory That All great Stories Share? common Elements - That They are All One Story, A Momomyth. Due to this the album is very cinematic. I try to tell a story, but I want the listener to decide what that story is. 'Monomyth: Separation' is part one of a trilogy.

3.You Moved to Bristol A FEW years ago. Why did You DECIDE to Move There; Was it for personal reasons or was it the music movement that attracted you? Is it true that Bristol and its music movement is engaging for artists and musicians?

I Love Bristol. I decided to Move to Bristol SO I Could Spend My life With My Girlfriend and The bonus Would BE The great Music scene. I HAD Played There Twice Before and loved The vibe of The Place Straight AWAY. I have lived there for 11 years now, it's an incredible artistic magnet. The music scene is unique. You can go find good music any night of the week and a huge range of artists come and visit. The local scene is a community, all friends or friends of friends. Being part of the bristol music scene is a huge honour. It's so down to earth and cool. Moving here was one of the best decisions of my life along with marrying my girlfriend.

4. You've Been DJ-ING in The UK for Quite A Long Time. You Have Also Participated in Big Festivals as well as F1 and Moto GP parties. People describe you as the ideal party DJ. From your experience, is it easy to make people dance after all?

Yeah in the UK I'm often seen as a party DJ and that is great because I love to party and I love to play music to make people party. But I think you can dance to a big variety of tunes not just the Bangers!, As we say in Britain. I Love The FACT That I Can Play My Music in Greece and People are Into IT. Sometimes as A DJ Can You Feel Pressure to Play The Big Tunes WHEN A DJ as I Want to Play The Strange more obscure tracks That People Have not Heard. I guess its balancing these two things that make you a good DJ.

5. What would you say are the top 2-3 highlights of your career so far?

My first gig in Athens! To hear people from another country feeling your music is a big one. Producing tracks for Marc 7 from Jurassic 5 - they were always one of my favourite Hip Hop acts. Also interviewing DJ Maseo from De La Soul through my work as a lecturer at dBs Music. It was so amazing to have a hour long conversation with one of my childhood heroes.

6. What do you usually do in your leisure, besides listening / playing music?

My life is music and I love spending time with my family and friends.

7. Let us ASK You Something about sampling. Are There Any Technical boundaries and Forms That A Producer shouldnt Follow IT Or Is All A Matter of Creativity and Improvisation;

I get inspired by SO MANY Things and I Just Want to Share That. I like to Sample Things That I Love, This Is The SAMe as Playing tracks I Love WHEN I DJ. I Want Other People to say "I Love This TOO, IT sounds great! I'm a believer that creativity has no boundaries.

8. Would you like to list some of your all-time favourite artist that you appreciate for their intertemporal work?

There are SO MANY. Such A Combination of Music But Some Have Made Really Big Impacts like Wu Tang, DJ Shadow, Premo, Prince, The Beatles, Ed Rush and Optical, Pink Floyd, Cypress Hill - I Could Go on forever!

11. You have been in our country several times. What do you like about Greece and Greek people and what not?

I have been very lucky that I can spend so much time here as the Greek people are special. They are not Europeans or Asians - they are something else. I have been linked to Greece for some reason. My wife is half Greek and this country has taken to my music like no other, so I'm very grateful.

12. What do you expect to achieve from your presence in the music industry? Have you achieved your dreams?

I will carry on dreaming. Just because some of your dreams come true does not mean that you should stop dreaming. I dream that my music will be listened to by people that understand what I am and why I make music.

13. Where would you like to live and how do you picture yourself in 10 years?

Maybe One Day I Will Live in Greece, I Have Lots of Family There and I Love IT. But Bristol Is Perfect Right now.

14. What shall we expect from your greek tour?

I plan to play a preview of my Album. Then I will play music I love and my popular tracks and have a party of course!

Thank you a lot! Have a nice trip!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Frenic Produced Beat on Marc 7 (Jurassic 5) project

Ok so I have been away from my Blog game for some time now so sorry followers Family and professional life taking priority. I have still be working on my own music and Im super hyped to have produced the track "Buckshots" on Marc 7s new project "When Sounds Attack Vol.1" The album is available from itunes so please go show your support.