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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Frenic - Teams up with Ordeo Clothing

Im teaming up with new company Ordeo Clothing​ They are a audio and music themed clothing company. Check the preview add with my music. They will be putting out my Monomyth Ts on launch day. They are a audio and music themed clothing company

Friday, 10 April 2015

Frenic New Album - Monomyth: Separation

FRIENDS PLEASE SHARE THIS POST: My new album “Frenic - Monomyth: Separation” is out now. PLEASE DONATE what you think the album is worth. I am committed to releasing my music for free, this is not because it is worthless. In fact this project has huge personal value to me and I give it to you to be shared, duplicated and spread around the world to carry the message of creative freedom. Any donations made will be used to help me carry on making and releasing music.

The Album's Concept: Everyone has a story, One story; The Monomyth. You are the main character. To understand the nature of story and what it means to us is to understand your own life path. Monomyth Separation is Part One of the Hero’s Journey. Will you accept the call to adventure?

This album was born during my first big tour of Greece. I played 10 cities and travelled around the whole country playing my music. I received such great energy and feedback from fans that I decided I must make a project inspired by the trip, so I started digging! I collected records from around Greece; some traditional greek music plus other nice bits that I found. Whilst I was traveling, I was trying to come up with a concept that would tell the tale of a great journey. And of course, as I was in Greece ideas of myth and legend came to mind. So, when I returned home I researched a few things and stumbled across a theory by a philosopher and writer called Joseph Campbell. Basically, he wrote a book called “The hero with a thousand faces” in which he describes a theory that all great stories share; common elements - that they are all one story, a Monomyth. Is there a deeper meaning to why we tell stories? Are they a road map for our very existence, and a way to describe the cycle of life, death and rebirth? Due to this the album is very cinematic. I try to tell a story, but I want the listener to decide what that story is. The album will be best enjoyed as a whole so please find a quiet time to settle in and enjoy the ride.