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Frenic Music

Frenic - Monomyth:Separation

Download link: https://frenic.bandcamp.com/album/monomyth-separation

The Album's Concept: Everyone has a story, One story; The Monomyth. You are the main character. To understand the nature of story and what it means to us is to understand your own life path. Monomyth Separation is Part One of the Hero’s Journey. Will you accept the call to adventure?

This album was born during my first big tour of Greece. I played 10 cities and travelled around the whole country playing my music. I received such great energy and feedback from fans that I decided I must make a project inspired by the trip, so I started digging! I collected records from around Greece; some traditional greek music plus other nice bits that I found. Whilst I was traveling, I was trying to come up with a concept that would tell the tale of a great journey. And of course, as I was in Greece ideas of myth and legend came to mind. So, when I returned home I researched a few things and stumbled across a theory by a philosopher and writer called Joseph Campbell. Basically, he wrote a book called “The hero with a thousand faces” in which he describes a theory that all great stories share; common elements - that they are all one story, a Monomyth. Is there a deeper meaning to why we tell stories? Are they a road map for our very existence, and a way to describe the cycle of life, death and rebirth? Due to this the album is very cinematic. I try to tell a story, but I want the listener to decide what that story is. The album will be best enjoyed as a whole so please find a quiet time to settle in and enjoy the ride.

Frenic - Back to the Beat Tape

The Mighty Dusted Wax Kingdom have just release my "Back to the Beat Tape" project so you can download all 15 beats in one go for free!

Free Download Link: http://dustedwax.org/dwk244.html

Frenic - Wrath of Gabriel

This is the 3rd French Touch Connection release I have featured on. This one has a Mysterious/horror/suspense vibe. 

My Track "Wrath of Gabriel" can be found on Face B track 9

Download Links:

Face A:
Face B:

Frenic - Dr.DAD (Dusted Velvet Records)

Very excited that my new project Dr.Dad is out now. My 1st release for the excellent label Dusted Velvet Records and available exclusively on Beatport (other outlet like itunes will follow in a few weeks). Please help me by sharing this link with you friends on facebook and twitter. I am counting on this doing well so I can continue with my music and this blog .
I want to thank all my great fans who have show me support so far and keep me inspired to make music.

Download Link: https://frenic.bandcamp.com/album/dr-dad

Here is the blurb on the Album:

"Dr.DaD is a project based on samples from Frenic's father's record collection. He has made incisions into folk, pro-rock and blue then stitched these sounds together with trade mark beats and bass. Once patients have undergone the full procedure they will be feeling a deep emotional responses and be fully relaxed"

Frenic - Route Nationale to Paris

This is the 3rd compilation compiled by the French Touch Connection and the 2nd I have featured on. I really happy to be starting this album off which is full of the best beatmakers from all round the world.

My Track:

Frenic - How You Fall

Kill Emil - Dont Let Me Down - Frenic Remix

Very please to have collaborated withe Greek Beat maker Kill Emil. I remixed "Dont Let Me Down" and Kill Emil remixed "Money aint no Women"

Frenic Remix:

Deep Secrets

This track is inspired by the painting and reports of Alex Grey. They describe his experiences of DMT.

Mongolia E.P

I created these tracks using samples of Mongolian folk music as part of a commision I did for the BBC program "Toughest place to be a Miner"

Forward Moving

A new one from me well not exactly I made it about a year ago and it hasn't fit in with any other projects so you lot can have a copy for free!

Get the Math 

Been working on lots of different projects but havent put anything up for a while so here you go

Present and Correct (Dusted Wax Kingdom)

My new E.P "Present and Correct" see the conclusion of my "Time Trilogy" of E.Ps following "The Future Will Be Better Tomorrow" and "Lessons From the Past" they are really one long album that I had to create in three parts so I do urge you to put all three into there own playlist in chronological order for the full experience.

I hope you enjoy this final part I really enjoyed making it and I dedicate this E.P to Dj Stashwell R.I.P

Free Download Link: http://dustedwax.org/dwk125.html

Free Download of the other parts

The Future Will Be Better Tomorrow: http://dustedwax.org/dwk082.html
Lessons From the Past: http://dustedwax.org/dwk100.html

JahFunk (Feat Crids & Dre Bird)

My new E.P is out mid April so to tide you over here is a track I made way back with two mate on the guitar and bass. Had great fun making it but it didn't fit any releases so here it is for you for free.

Something Missing (Free Download)

PulpFusion Street Art - Frenic Remix
(Pig Balls Records)

Remix I did for head of Pig Balls Records PulpFusion

Lessons From the Past 
(Dusted Wax Kingdom) Free Download

The new Frenic's "Lessons From The Past" EP is a prequel to the successful "The Future Will Be Better Tomorrow" EP. Travelling back in time into his old hard drive to dig up and re-master previously unreleased material. Deep dusty beats, scratching and haunting melodies take you on a journey through time!

To download the whole E.P at once go to Dusted Wax Kingdom
 Lesson From the Past E.P (Dusted Wax Kingdom) by Frenic

(Pig Balls Records) Out Now!"All aboard for a fantastic voyage to the future funk dancefloor. Frenic keeps it bubbling with the soulful sounds, and caps that it off with devastating bass wobbles. Well worth a return ticket.: - DJ Moneyshot (Solid Steel, Big M, Proto Hype)

Buy @junodownload.com or itunes

Frenic vs Credit to the Nation-Teenage Sensation (Free Download)

Frenic-Punish Me

Salt n Pepa vs Mr Oizo 
(Frenics Flat Out Mash Up)

A new free one from me! Anyone who has herd a live Frenic set will have herd me mix these two tunes together. One of my favourite mixes to do so I have created a mash up version for you lot with heavy drums and party vibes throughout.

Frenic Remix of PulpFusion - Sex,Drums Funk n Roll.

Frenic Remix of PulpFusion - Sex,Drums Funk n Roll. Out now on Pig Balls Records. . It includes some awesome remixes from Funkanomics, Telephunken, Digital Alkemist, Ewan Hoozami, MustBeat Crew, Tosses & Varvez,Gemini Bros, ACiDicy, Zenit Incompatible and one from myself Frenic go check it out!
The Future Will Be Better Tomorrow 
(Dusted Wax Kingdom) Free Download

Frenic has brought together his love of hip-hop and emotive soulful music to create a wonderully rich throwback sound,combining moving funky samples, head-nodding drums and slashing turntable cuts.

Click Here to download

 The Future Will Be Better Tomorrow E.P (Dusted Wax Kingdom) by Frenic

Charity Chops (Free Download)

This is an Album from 2008 I made entirely from blind bought charity shop records. Basically each track is made from £5 of records I bought at random from different charity shops around bristol. Each track is a different shop. I also recorded interviews with the owners that you can hear occasionally.
All sound are made from what I found I did not add my own drum samples or use any vst instruments.
Hope you enjoy it.

Just click the little arrow on the right of the player to download.

Track List:
1.Listen to the Beat
2.The Help
3.The Sun Sets in the West
4.Long Ago
5.Old Duke
6.West Country Spaghetti
7.Strange Boy
8.Quit while your Ahed
9.Prairie Dawn
10.Safe Sax

Lost Project-Next Level Concepts

(Dealmaker Records)

This is an Album I Produced with my Hip-Hop Crew Lost Project back in 2005. If you like dark and deep U.K Hip-Hop this could be for you go grab a copy from itunes.

Lost Project-Velvet Waters 
(Dealmaker Records)

This was my 1st track released way back in 2004 with the now disbanded "Lost Project" still love this tune it bring back memories of playing some crazy hip hop show in Nottingham. Big up Emcee Killa, Poorley Fluent, Elroy and S.O Mac.

This Track featured on "The Departure Lounge" compilation go get it from dealmakerlabel.com